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Opportunity Academy (K-6)

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

NES has returned to normal operations regarding in-person instruction. We understand that the option of learning online during a worldwide pandemic provided families choices.  Napoleon Opportunity Academy (NOA) was widely available during the pandemic. This virtual academy has been restructured and reorganized since that time.  This virtual academy is restricted.  Approval is based on school counselor and administrative recommendations, availability, and participation levels. 


Guiding questions to consider if a parent/guardian would like his or her child to receive their education by participating in NOA:

Does the student have health related issues that can be supported by medical documentation?

Is the learner an independent student?

Has the student been unsuccessful in the past while learning remotely?

Has the student had issues with attendance (in-person or online learning)?

Does the student have specific needs as defined by a 504 or IEP?

Has the student worked with the school counselor's office to remedy any issues with in-person learning prior to considering online learning?



1. Parents/guardians work with the school counselor.  

2. School counselor will make a recommendation to the administration.  

3. The administration will review student information and background related to a request for admission into NOA.

4. Administration will approve or deny requests for admission into NOA.


For further information or questions about NOA please contact Napoleon Elementary School